Meet Parashakti

has Parashakti Skye is the Founder of the movement modality, Dance of Liberation® (DOL) and creator of the Winged Ones luxury jewelry collection. As a practitioner and public figure, Parashakti is also the visionary behind a variety of designerwear and high end products and experiences intended to ignite your spirit, promote healing, and embrace purposeful living.  Her work has garnered acclaim worldwide, captivating audiences at prestigious retreats and events, taking residence at esteemed 5-Star wellness resorts such as Rythmia in Costa Rica, and has been embraced by renowned figures in the wellness community.



Dance Of Liberation is a modality for women and men that creates a sense of vitality and healing through movement where you learn to let go and find your flow. This therapeutic ‘movement as medicine’ helps you navigate your soul path, allowing you to step into your sense of purpose and service.

Winged Ones luxury jewelry by Parashakti Skye


Winged Ones, a celestial masterpiece by Parashakti Skye, is not just a jewelry collection; it’s a sacred embodiment of luxury that ignites your inner wisdom and soul’s purpose. Discover the allure of Winged Ones, where every piece is meticulously crafted to transcend the ordinary.


This heart-opening superfood is a sacred tradition that dates back thousands of years. Book a private ceremony or group session. A beautiful way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and more.


Become an official Dance of Liberation® facilitator, so that you can spread the medicine and teach this blindfolded movement modality at workshops, retreats, and festivals.


Hosting your own festival or retreat? Book Parashakti as a presenter and receive the complete package of Dance of Liberation®, The Winged Ones™, and ceremonial guidance at your event.


OneDanceTribe | reBIRTHING

June 14-19, 2024

Kißlegg, Germany

Connect with an extraordinary group of world class scholars, teachers and healers and with an international community of people dedicated to personal and global transformation.

Parashakti & Sah D’Simone at Omega Institute

September 15-20, 2024

Rhinebeck, NY, USA

Join Parashakti and Sah D’Simone at Omega Institute this fall. Sah is a Brazilian-born meditation teacher, spiritual guide, internationally bestselling author and transformational speaker known for creating The Sah Method, a technique that implements ecstatic dance, meditation, breathwork and mantra to support the awakening of human hearts.