Parshakti also offers customized cacao ceremonies for individuals and groups. These ceremonies have been used in weddings, rites of passage, and to help set intentions for ritual experiences of all kinds. One-on-one Soul-Healing sessions also incorporate the use of cacao as a heart opener. Sacred ceremonial cacao dates back thousands of years to Mesoamerican cultures like the Maya and Aztecs who revered cacao as a gift from the gods and even used it as currency.

In shamanic work, cacao is a magical elixir that can bring awakening, alignment, and bliss to body, mind, and spirit. In the sacred cacao ceremony, the brew is infused with superfoods, prayer, mantras, and energy work to increase its healing, transformational effect.

The gentle, playful spirit of the plant itself comes forth, and you are able to glean insight from this primal wisdom within. Explore the many benefits of this powerful plant medicine.

Improves Mood

Cacao acts as a natural antidepressant, stimulating all the feel-good neurotransmitters and hormones like dopamine and serotonin. These transmitters remain in the bloodstream long after consuming cacao, invigorating the body with energy, reducing stress and relieving fatigue.

Boosts Health 

Rich in magnesium and calcium, raw organic cacao is the highest plant-based source of iron, with 40 times more antioxidants than blueberries. This strengthening superfood increases blood flow to the brain and body, inviting improved digestion, mental clarity, and focus.

Invites Bliss 

Cacao contains anandamide, also known as the “bliss molecule.” Consuming cacao naturally stimulates this pleasure molecule within the body, allowing this feeling of euphoric pleasure to travel throughout the body’s nervous system.

Inspires Creativity

Cacao is known to clear emotional and physical blockages that dampen our life force energy, also known as our creativity. When consuming cacao, these blockages clear, opening your energetic channels, inviting creative clarity, flow and connection to your sense of purpose.

Heals the Heart Chakra 

By relaxing the nervous system, cacao reminds you that you are safe and secure in your body. The cacao fills you with a deep sense of love, warmth and compassion allowing your mind, heart and body to open more fully and receive all that spirit wants to provide for you. There is an ease in accessing deeply-held emotions. Any repressed emotions that are ready to be released or integrated will often rise to the surface.

Opens the Throat Chakra

Because Cacao connects you with your vibrant life force, you are able to articulate your thoughts and ideas with increased confidence and clarity. There is a nudge to speak your truth, even sing, embrace your personal power and express yourself without inhibition.

Inspires Connection 

Cacao brings connection with self, nature, and others. This plant contains a spirit all its own. This spirit invites you to be in the present moment, connected with your true nature. This true nature is spirit which connects all beings. When you drink cacao, you feel this greater sense of connection, hope, and pure love.

Protects Your Energy

Cacao is endlessly rich in magnesium and iron which act to strengthen and nourish the body. These nutrients are like shields for the body’s cells protecting against negativity and heaviness. While these nutrients act as shields, they simultaneously invite the cells to absorb more light. As your cells fill with light, you physically feel lighter. This interaction is a true representation of the interconnection of light and darkness working together to support our highest good.

Supports Mindfulness

The cacao ceremony itself is a ritual in slowing down. It is full of intention, patience, and presence. This simple act of consciously slowing down invites mindfulness. The physical effects that cacao has on the nervous system further encourage the body, mind and spirit to feel at ease, creating an ideal environment for meditation or any practices that allow you to experience the beauty of the present moment more fully.

To ensure the highest quality experience with this plant medicine, Parashakti sources raw, organic cacao from a trusted and sustainable source, her friends and partners at Fine & Raw.