Sacred Jewelry Care Instructions

Since our Winged Ones sacred jewelry collection features sterling silver and precious, naturally-sourced stones, it’s important to follow proper care instructions to protect the integrity of their finish.

The process for protecting and cleaning your Winged One involves cleansing the Soul space in addition to cleansing the piece itself. Each Power Object arrives cleansed and primed, ready to be activated by you. Proper maintenance on your behalf is also necessary after frequent wear.

Take the following steps to ensure complete and proper care of your Power Object.

Step 1: The cleansing process should be conducted in a sacred space. To begin, set up your altar in a peaceful, quiet spot. We provide altar creation guidance in Chapter 1, Section 3 of The East Gate online classroom: “Preparing for the Journey.”

Step 2: Make sure to have a cotton pad and/or linen cloth and microfiber wipe handy.

Step 3: The process begins with a spiritual cleanse of the stone, known as “smudging.”

Using a firesafe smudge bowl, light some white sage, sweetgrass, or cedar until a pillar of gentle smoke arises. Move the Power Object through the smoke, allowing the smoke to envelop it for at least 30 seconds. While doing this, think of emotional, mental, or physical blockages that you wish to release, replenishing your Spirit as you do your Power Object.

Step 4: Restore your stone’s aromatherapeutic abilities and shin essential oil. You can use our trademark Winged Ones essential oil or one of your own.

We recommend lemon, grapefruit, or bergamot. Gently drop some on your cotton pad or linen cloth and pat your stone with its essence.

You may wipe the pendant’s silver foundation with this as well.

Step 5: You may polish the sterling silver chain with an essential oil as well, or you may use a mild concoction of warm soap and water.

Step 6: Dry your stone and silver chain off with the microfiber cloth.

Step 7: Practice overall maintenance by finding the right place to keep your Power Object when it is not in use. Visionary pendants now come with a Winged Ones velvet pouch for safekeeping.

Each Power Object also comes with a wooden, hand-carved Eagle’s nest box. This will house smaller pieces like the SunDancer or DreamWeaver comfortably. Keep them in this box with the lid closed when you are not wearing them.

It is important to protect your pendant from the elements so as to ensure longevity and energetic purity.

The best protection you can offer your pendant is that of keeping it secured to your heart space. Fastening the chain properly is an important part of this.

Watch the below video from Ellie Batchiyska, Director of Operations for The Winged Ones, for chain/clasp instructions: