Dance of Liberation® 

Rythmia Life Advancement Center 

Dance of Liberation®

Experience the Transformative Power of Dance of Liberation® (DOL) at Rythmia Life Advancement Center. Nestled in the serene ambiance of Rythmia, a leading medical center dedicated to relaxation, healing transformation, and the pursuit of miracles, DOL emerges as an integral component of our holistic curriculum.

At Rythmia, our retreats are meticulously crafted to guide you towards your highest potential. With a blend of programs, workshops, and natural support therapies, we facilitate profound personal growth and inner healing.

As the ceremonial finale to our one-week transformation retreat, DOL offers a sacred space for participants to integrate their journey. Led by certified DOL facilitators, our workshops immerse you in the therapeutic power of movement, accompanied by a comprehensive lifestyle program designed to fortify your practice and sustain your progress. Join us at Rythmia and embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal through the transformative experience of Dance of Liberation®.

You can also find events and seminars hosted by Parashakti at Rythmia during one of her many residencies, along with her Winged Ones™ jewelry line at the Luna Store.