Dance Of Liberation Documentary

Dance of Liberation follows the visually stunning, inspirational journey of a lost, broken young woman who transforms into a powerful soul healer – and bravely tries to mend her deepest childhood wound along the way.

As a girl, Jerusalem-born Sigalit Bat Haim suffers severe learning disabilities, inherited from a father who abandoned the family to start a new life as an Ultra Orthodox Jew in Jerusalem. Grappling with a deep sense of isolation and rejection, young Sigalit discovers her sole source of soul expression: dance. As a dancer she is nimble, unruly, and utterly free.

Weaving together sumptuous dance sequences in wild natural settings, tender family archives, and stirring interviews with heartfelt, sage spiritual visionaries, Dance of Liberation explores Sigalit’s unfolding identity in the wilderness of the soul.

In adulthood, a series of devastating injuries draws Sigalit to the practice of yoga, where she begins uncovering her spiritual identity, taking refuge in an ashram and eventually receiving the name Parashakti – “goddess of life” – a reflection of her Hebrew given name, “daughter of life.”

Like father, like daughter, Parashakti finds herself driven to a life of spiritual seeking and healing. But very much unlike him, she weaves together a vibrant patchwork of traditions, finding a chosen elder in Native American traditions. Parashakti further clarifies her own voice as she develops a raucous, vibrant, medicinal ritual called Dance of Liberation, leading hundreds around the world in ecstatic ceremony and profound soul healing.

Surprise visits when Parashakti falls passionately in love with a Muslim seeker, only to discover that the cord to her Jewish past is pulling at her soul more ardently than she imagined.

Ultimately Parashakti comes to the realization that she must integrate Parashakti and Sigalit, and mend things with the one man who has hurt her the most, and who may understand her the best: her father. The two set out on a climactic and visually jaw-dropping pilgrimage to the desert, to visit the deepest parts of their souls and meet one another as whole individuals. The result is deeply moving, painful, and not at all easy. But it is a major step towards real healing.

Dance of Liberation is about the journey to integrate past and present, our highest selves with our most wounded selves, and our born selves with our true selves.

It is about the bravest journey of all: the journey to wholeness.

There is no coming to consciousness without pain. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. – C.G. Jung