Join the Dream Council Tribe™

Become a carrier of Eagle Medicine, affiliate of The Winged Ones, and steward of Higher vision when you enroll in our monthly online Dream Council Tribe™ training program with Parashakti.

When you join our Dream Council Tribe™, you become an official carrier of our Eagle Medicine teachings.

Bring the power of the Eagle to your own healing practice with this one-of-a-kind, 7-month virtual mentorship program that teaches you to facilitate your own workshops, engage in gemstone healing, and embody Higher Truth.

You will have resources and tools to be able to lead and guide your clients on an integrative journey through the Seven Foundations, utilizing the power of the senses through meditation and traditions inspired by the Medicine Wheel.

We will walk you through the concepts of guided intention-setting, Soul retrieval, totem animals, Spirit guides, and movement therapy.

You will be equipped to guide your clients to higher states of consciousness, release emotional blockages, connect to ancient wisdom, and embrace the life force within themselves.

Monthly virtual training sessions are a FREE experience, which will feature:

  • Once-a-month meetings via Zoom on Sundays from 9 – 11:30 am PT
  • In-depth training & facilitation with Parashakti herself
  • Dance of Liberation™ sessions
  • Crystal-healing studies with qualified Stone Educator Jenny Deveau
  • Mentorship with visiting shamans
  • Group discussion, Q&A with Spiritual Teachers & mindfulness experts
  • Soulful group collaboration with assigned Spirit Buddies

Optional membership add-ons include:

  • A full online feature on YOU and your practice in LA Yoga Magazine ($1500 value)
  • 5 sets of Winged Ones sacred jewelry pendants to accompany your learnings with different stones ($5110 value)
  • Affiliate link with a tiered commission program, starting at 10%, so you can earn money each time someone purchases a Winged One through your referral
In order to receive the full training on the stone teachings and connection to the Eagle, we request that participants are prepared for a 7-month commitment.

Culmination of this program comes with acknowledgement of your official Eagle Medicine carrier status and a 30% commission affiliate link.

Though these sessions are a free, inclusive offering intended to help you realize your Purpose, the best way to obtain the full experience is to have a Winged Ones pendant of your own.

While not mandatory, it will help you delve deeper into the stone teachings and establish a connection to a Power Object as a token of your tangible transformation and personal development.

Our intention with this offering is to help you:

  • Uncover your Higher Purpose. As an official carrier of Eagle Medicine, you will have a toolkit to build up your own practice and steward transformation for yourself and your own clients.
  • Expand ritualistic understanding. You will leave this mentorship program with a comprehensive knowledge of gemstone healing, altar creation, and more.
  • Step into sacredness. Tap into loving gratitude when you step out of the mundane and into a new plane of conscious discovery
  • Build meaningful connections. Nurture your passion for ancient wisdom while connecting you with a group of like-minded individuals on the same flight path.

To learn more about this complimentary experience and receive an invitation to the next session, contact us using the button below.