Join Parashakti and Karen Berg for a transformational, immersive experience of the senses, as they unveil the deep connection that has always existed with the spirit, mind, and body. Through meditation, gentle yoga, lectures, dance, nature walks, breath work, art and journal writing, participants will learn skills and teachings of spiritual, physical, mental and emotional growth and evolution enabling them to shed inhibitions and heightening inner awareness.

The Power of Seven

From ancient times to the present moment, from the Bible to the Chakras, the Seven Heavens and Seven Earths of mystical tradition, the Seven Wonders of the World and Seven Ages of ‘Man,’ the seven days in our week, and the seven sense organs in our heads — two nostrils, two ears, two eyes and one mouth, the number seven has had powerful and profound spiritual energy in traditions all across the planet. The seven sense organs together create a vibrant matrix for our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical selves. The seven chakras of eastern philosophy and the seven sense organs are gateways of divine energy that put us in alignment with the universe as a whole.

KABBALAH is an ancient wisdom that describes the physical and spiritual laws of the universe, including the discussion of Creation, the purpose of life, and the journey of the soul in this physical dimension. In a world of fragmentation and separation, Kabbalah can assist us to remove the veils so that we can find unity within, with others and with the Light Force of Creation.

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