These companies live at the intersection of filming for change, supporting social impact filmmakers and film festivals around the world. Parashakti, Fitzgerald & production crew worked together on the Cause Pictures & Wolper Organization film, Dance of Liberation, which premiered at the Illuminate Sedona Film Festival and is currently being screened worldwide.  With the success of this documentary, the team decided to join forces and create a conscious production company to tell unique stories. With a foundation of eastern practices, such as yoga and shamanism, Parashakti brings her unique combination of dance and spirituality to the transformative projects they produce together. Parashakti utilizes SoulHealing, a pathway for discovering the soul’s deeper meanings and life’s mission, to help her clients connect with themselves before they share their stories on camera in a new and authentic way. With a background in social impact filmmaking and film festival production, Fitzgerald brings years of experience to this cause-based joint venture.  Utilizing concepts introduced in his book, Filmmaking for Change, Fitzgerald will work with partners to develop, produce and exhibit movies that will inspire change in the world. Together, Parashakti, Fitzgerald and the DOL production crew will work with clients over the course of their filmmaking journey, providing the support, tools and management, as outlined from Cause Pictures below:


Phase I – The Development Process

It starts with the idea. This is where the story takes shape. Whether the project is a narrative or documentary, there are key elements to consider in structuring the movie before beginning to shoot. We believe in traditional storytelling concepts and fundamentals that integrate many of the classic archetypes, as demonstrated in Joseph Campbell’s Hero of a Thousand Faces, and further applied to film by two wonderful books, The Writer’s Journey and Myth and the Movies. Filmmaking for Change applies these ideas to social impact films, with an emphasis on documentary…and this is just the seed of Development. Many other subcategories fall into the Development phase, including:

  • Blueprint Strategy
  • Development of story, elements & structural ideas
  • Cast/Crew Selection & Location Consideration
  • Budgeting & Scheduling
  • Integration of SoulHealing


Phase II – The Production Process

This is where the movie comes to life, but there are many moving parts, with key creative and logistical decisions to be made. While many of these elements have been in process throughout the development phase, the production pieces have to be locked into place before you roll cameras…and then you move into post production. Many other subcategories fall into the Production phase, including:

  • The Cast & Crew
  • On Location Shooting
  • Style and Structure
  • Budget Line Items
  • Fundraising & Partnerships
  • Post production & Editorial


Phase III – The Post Production Process

For many projects, it’s what happens AFTER the film has been completed that presents new and exciting avenues for the project. Distribution is bringing your movie to the audience, and there are many paths to get there.  With experience in all facets of the independent film landscape, we have worked with many filmmakers over the years, offering indispensable guidance. Many other subcategories fall into the Post Production phase, including:

  • Survey Screenings
  • Film Festival Strategies
  • Marketing & Distribution Blueprints
  • Social Action Campaigns
  • School Tours

As you gather by now, we see filmmaking as a tool to create change.  We are experiencing a boom in social impact filmmaking, but it’s important to be maximizing the social action campaign to truly make a difference. There are a number of considerations, and it takes a team to cover all the bases in Activation.  Here are just a few of the elements changemakers have to consider:

  • The Film & the Cause
  • Outreach Strategies
  • Partnerships
  • Showing & Sharing
  • Tools for Measurement




Parashakti, founder of Dance of Liberation, had a vision in 2012 to start interviewing and filming her clients experiences on and off the dance floor. When she met Jon, Director of Cause Pictures, He helped unveil Parashakti’s personal and inspirational story for the film. Weaving together dance sequences in wild natural settings, tender family archives, and stirring interviews with heartfelt, sage spiritual visionaries, Dance of Liberation explores Parashakti’s unfolding identity. She is a healer and visionary in the wilderness of the soul. The DOL Film production company is a platform of expression to integrate past and present, our highest selves with our most wounded selves, and our born selves with our true selves. It is about the bravest journey of all: the journey to wholeness and sharing it with the masses.


Jon Fitzgerald, founder of Cause Pictures, has twenty-five years of experience in the independent film, Internet and film festival communities, a rare leader with a unique combination of skills.  As a filmmaker, he has produced a number of award-winning documentaries; and as a consultant, he has guided many independent film projects through the maze of festivals and hybrid distribution models. As a co-founder of the Slamdance Film Festival (1995), he led the event the next two seasons before being named the Festival Director for the prestigious AFI Film Festival in 1997.  After running AFI Fest for three years (1997-1999), he created a consulting business, guiding the launch of numerous film festivals (Bahamas, Lone Star, Orlando), directing several others (Santa Barbara, Topanga and Abu Dhabi), and consulting to dozens more. In October of 2012, Jon authored his first book, entitled Filmmaking for Change:  Make Films That Transform the World, published by industry leader Michael Wiese Productions. Again, based on the premise that powerful stories can create change, Jon founded Cause Cinema, connecting social impact films to related causes. The Company acts as a filter to the best of Social Impact Cinema, integrating numerous film programs, social action campaigns and unique exhibition models, giving audiences the tools to take action.


Dan Perrett is a documentary Film Editor dedicated to the idea that lives are improved where knowledge and truth exists.He worked on dozens of TV and film productions at Universal, Warner Brothers, and Fox Studios among others before embracing editing. His projects aired in the US on ABC, KCAL, Spike, TLC and The Travel Channel. Dan edited 4 feature documentaries in the last 4 years. Warrior One, just finishing post production has been accepted into The Naples Film Festival in November 2014. The Highest Pass, filmed in India, won awards at the San Diego, Naples and Topanga Film Festivals and was distributed theatrically in the United States. Dance of Liberation, filmed in Israel and the US, premiered in the US at the Illuminate Film Festival in Sedona, Arizona in 2014 and will be in competition at the Spirit Film Festival Tel Aviv, Israel in November 2014. When the Dust Settles (The Polygon) premiered in Australia at The Gold Coast Film Festival in 2014.


Ed Fabry has been working as a Director of Photography and camera operator on major broadcast productions throughout the world for over 20 years.  His news and documentary clients include Dan Rather Reports, “60 Minutes”, “Frontline”, “20/20”, and documentary series for Discovery and PBS. International clients include German and Japanese and Brazilian national networks.  This work has taken him from the Arctic Circle to the Sahara Desert, from Iceland to Haiti, from the White House and corporate boardrooms to maximum security prisons. Corporate work, also often done in a documentary style, includes projects for JPMorgan Chase, IBM, Pepsi, Canon and the American Stock Exchange. While every character and every story can be important and inspires Ed’s full skill and devotion, some more memorable projects include shooting near the North Pole with Dan Rather for his film “Melting of the Northwest Passage”, coverage of the Pope’s visit to Cuba for the European Broadcasting Union, shooting the first UN Eco summit in Rio de Janiero for ABC, several documentary projects about artists through Europe, and serving as DP on the documentary Dance of Liberation, about the life-shifting work of shaman Parashakti, which aligns with his own  long-standing explorations of consciousness with teachers both ancient and contemporary.


Kjord has over 15 years in the makeup industry working with such brands as NARS, MAC, YSL and Chanel. Kjord has travelled globally to share makeup tips and tricks for the runway, fashion shoots and every day living.  Kjord has created looks for and worked with high profile clients such as Cher, Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani and Madonna. His passion in makeup lies in its ability to enhance and transform natural physical beauty. Kjord’s passion for transformation can also be seen in his healing practice through the use of yoga, breath-work and meditation. Kjord is owner and founder of Indigo Lab LA, a consciously curated business which designs specialized classes and workshops to decrease stress, increase vitality and expand one’s life force through balance of mind/body/spirit. Overall health and wealth comes from the inside out. Once we have aligned with our inner truth, activate our inner voice and are guided by our own intuition, we can then alchemize and prioritize our lives decorating and enhancing our external world from the deepest place of authenticity. Kjord and Parashakti are co-founders and co-facilitators of the successful LA based conscious community event DreamWeavers as well as TRANSCEND, a weekly movement based class, and workshop dancing to the rhythms of our lives.