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Ashtara Ren

Olga Kull

I am truly grateful for my incredible Eagle Medicine pendant! I love wearing
it to lead sacred ceremonies, to feel connected to my empowered inner wisdom, or I also keep it as a sacred symbol on my altar. Thank you Parashakti for your incredible gift and artistry in allowing all of us to enjoy the power of the Eagle medicine!

– Jennifer Jimenez,
Founder of TranscenDance™

Since I first saw the sacred Winged Ones jewelry with Labradorite stone, I undeniably felt a deep instant connection. I’m so thankful Parashakti created such a beautiful talisman with precious ceremonially blessed stones for people to continue healing, finding their purpose, and thriving in the energy of love with confidence in wings and vision.

– Sereza
Conscious Pop Artist

Eagle Medicine has truly been a light of purity, clarity, and power in my life. The power of the Eagle and work directly with the Winged One has guided my Spirit in expansive ways, allowing me to have more clarity of my truth. These truths have been reflected in important business decisions, and my entire life. I am so grateful to the work of Parashakti, and highly recommend this POWERFUL work to all.

– Kimberly Swarth, founder of Onzie

Working with Parashakti has spread my wings towards life’s potential. The Eagle Spirit gives me a greater perspective on how to make choices from my internal compass, while also assessing perspectives beyond my own. I no longer contract in the face of conflict. I breathe, move, and appreciate this new lens. I accept Life and the dance from all directions and spread my wings from living in a body I trust.

– Elana Meta, founder of META Method

The medicine of the Eagle has graced me with the open expansion of my heart and Soul into The East Gate where the deep inner healing, cleansing, and purifying happens on my behalf for the greater good of the whole. It’s where I meet my Ancestors, Spirit guides, and Great Masters who have walked before me. It’s where I see with clear vision and wisdom. After I return home from journeying through The East Gate with the Eagle, I am grounded, anchored, fearless. I know exactly what to do next. I am infused with the powerful attention to my mission. My heart is open. I am home. I feel the security and stability of being inside of the Eagle’s flight. I feel the support of my Ancestors. I am so grateful and filled with readiness and willingness to go deeper and to fly higher into the gates of the Eagles flight and everything makes sense.

– Antonia Monalvo
Founder of the Antonia Montalvo Foundation
Executive Director at Gracie’s House

Montalvo is a certified social worker, sociologist, shaman, and Reiki master. She is a recovering addict whose work is inspired by her journey into sobriety. She is also a former Dance of Liberation™ participant. She is one of our most inspiring success stories and profound Visionaries

Since [my introduction to Eagle Medicine], I have gone deeper into the realms of shamanic energy healing. I am now an internationally published author, teacher on the energy healing app Soulvana by Mindvalley, and lead workshops across the globe. I am now wearing this beautiful Winged Ones SunDancer pendant from Parashakti and it reminds me of my own magic, my ability to soar.

– Brett Bevell, Program Director at Omega Institute

As a Senior DOL facilitator, I’ve worked closely with Parashakti over the past 15 years. One of her superpowers is to empower each individual to find, cultivate, and share their unique medicine. This gift weaves beautifully with the creation of the Winged Ones. My SunDancer Eagle pendant is such an extraordinary gift at this time, as it became a power object for navigating through uncharted waters.

– CarolMarie Fiorito-Borowsky, Reiki Maser & DOL Teacher

Her name is Parashakti, and over the last 10 years, she has become my creative collaborator, my healer, my Spiritual guide and my generous friend. As the editor of her documentary, Dance of Liberation, and through many hours of footage shot at different times in her life, I came to know Parashakti. From childhood and hardships in Israel, through her connection to Eagle Medicine, her work as a shamanic practitioner, her family and her studies.

She lives the life she learned and shares with others. She is caring, genuine, and honest. My participation in her course, Birthing the Shaman Within, was a moving journey into self-searching and realization. The open sharing I experienced never would have happened without having Parashakti in my life.

I have witnessed Parashakti’s spiritual connection to Eagle Medicine. Her genuine commitment is a testament to her years of studying with her Native American Elders. Parashakti recently honored me with The Winged Ones Visionary pendant — a beautiful piece of sacred jewelry representing the power of the Eagle, the keeper of the East, where the sun rises and we start anew. As I have through her presence.

– Daniel Perrett,
Producer & Editor, Dance of Liberation film

After activating The East Gate, a scrub jay showed up and communed with the American Indian sculpture that lives in my courtyard for 5 hours. The following day, a baby raven fell out of a pine tree and so I jerry rigged a nest in the same tree. Working with the raven allowed me to access a key into feelings of abandonment so that I could heal this ancient wound inside myself. It is with deep gratitude to The Winged Ones program that I’ve been embraced by Mother Nature.

– Patricia Sill,
Actress & founder of Soul-Tapping Salon

Connecting to Eagle Medicine is a calling for a shift of perspective. Connecting to a sacred talisman, such as the Eagle of The Winged Ones, in relation to the meditative practices… allows us to remain centered within this storm. To raise and elevate and bring about a transformative quality to the way we see ourselves and our path ahead.

– Kai Karrel, spiritual teacher &
Shamanic facilitator

I had the honor of experiencing and opening up The East Gate in person. We opened the ceremony with the sacred cacao and I received an insightful Sacred Path Card reading from Parashakti. After a meditation and the integration of the message, Parashakti invited me to choose the stone for the jewelry set. The stone that I knew was going to be the power object for myself and my customers is clear quartz crystal. I am so excited to have The Winged Ones as part of my mission in creating and offering sacred wear.

– Zhenya Glorka, founder of Glorka Wear

I believe that our lives are like a giant garden. We must tend to it, nurture it, weed it regularly of unhealthy behaviors and thought patterns. We must harvest joy and gratitude, so that in every season, we have beautiful blooms. Then it’s time to take flight and soar with Eagle, the high flying bird that sees the bigger picture. Like the Eagle we fly above and take a new view on the challenges in our lives.

– Maria Cina, founder of CreateHer

One of the most amazing and beautiful things about The Winged Ones is the sacred way in which they are activated and delivered. The ceremony that Parashakti performs is a sanctification that literally connected me to my power. I use these power objects as a reminder when I am preparing to speak, teach, or present to a group. They open the door of acceptance within my consciousness.

– John Jacobs, Director of Marketing
at Rhythmia Life Advancement Center

As a Bank Manager and as a spiritual seeker, I live in both worlds. There is always noise and pressure in daily work. My spiritual practice of many years is dedicated to connecting and providing a platform for self-discovery with the people in a corporate environment. The East Gate program supports me in stepping into the sacred.

– Brian Beckmann

My first encounter with Parashakti and DOL was as a guest at Rythmia. It was love at first dance! The work with Parashakti and the experiences with Eagle Medicine were truly a game changer in my spiritual practice and in my life overall. Parashakti’s dedication to the medicine of the Eagle opens spaces of love, trust, compassion and clarity. DOL is one of the precious gifts Rhythmia gives to its guests when they go back home: Being able to have their own ceremony, whenever and wherever they need it.

– Karoline, Healer

During this time of expansive change comes infinite possibility for the world we want to see. The Winged Ones could not have come at a more synchronistic time. Our shared vision of a world completely healed and whole requires tremendous fearlessness, and solitary flight — all characteristics of the Eagle’s medicine.

– Heather Hanson & Colby Wickman,
founders of Untethered Consulting

Receiving The Winged Ones and Eagle Medicine on this life journey has been a profound gift. Having the Eagle Medicine of fierce focus for the present moment has been an answer for me. The Eagle’s commitment to being present as it traverses life on earth gives it strength. This is deeply needed, for myself personally, and also to hold space for my children. Presence allows me to feel empowered with clear perception of my sphere of influence, to stay in my heart more than my head, and to choose thoughts of gratitude for the simplest details of life.

– Rachel McCauley Kearl

I opened my East Gate about six months ago and I found love, intimacy, work, clients and a new career path.

And then COVID hit. Everything changed. And now all the same things are happening again. This time, I go into the depths of beginning again. Without rushing, without judgement.

– Danielle Rose,
founder of LightsUp

The journey begins with an intention to go to a retreat at Rythmia. That was where I met a very powerful woman, an energetic force of nature by the name of Parashakti. My dance and journey with Parashakti again continues as I was led to accept her teaching and deepening of the East Gate and Path of the Eagle with my first Winged Ones power object, The Visionary. It is part of my altar during meditation and worn when I need the wisdom and clarity of the Eagle. As we remained in contact, my opportunities for growth and teaching again exploded. I was able to work with Parashaki and her Elder Keith Star Horse in the Birthing the Shaman Within 7-week program.

Parashkti possesses and demonstrates all the sacred and noble qualities of the Shaman. What I can say is that I consider her a true example of one who can walk in this world expressing Love, Grace, Knowledge and Strength, and not be touched by the negative forces so present in this time. One who also presents and embodies these qualities and more in all that she teaches and dances.

One whom I’m proud to call my teacher, my mentor, and — most importantly — my friend. Thank you Parashakti, may your wisdom and teachings continue to bless my lodge and assist me in continued growth on this path, as a drummer, healer, and visionary.

– Ira Altman, IT Specialist & Drummer

The medicine of the Eagle teaches me to sing and dance with the highest dreams of my truth. A grand rising in The East Gate reminds me of new beginnings, that each moment is an opportunity to shine bright with loving awareness. I moved to Los Angeles from the east coast and I am proud to be exploring my love for music, acting, and newfound depths of spirituality.

– Reed Barbe

They say some things happen by accident and then some were meant to be. I went to a local gathering and was thinking about leaving, but the host urged me to stay a little while longer because her friend had yet to arrive and I should meet her. This is when I first met Parashakti and was introduced to Eagle Medicine and my Winged Ones power object. Since then I have opened up more to the calming power, guidance, and direction I receive from the Eagle. In taking the Birthing the Shaman Within course, I feel more grounded and connected with my surroundings and Mother Earth.

– John Cadena, Entrepreneur

Such medicine is exactly what the collective needs most right now. As I shift my focus inward, as we are all being asked to do—a collective ‘time-in,’ I call upon my guides to help me navigate these unprecedented global shifts with ease and grace. As I connect with The Winged Ones, the Eagle reminds me that I can fly above the storm.

– Dr. Kristy Vanacore, Healer &
Empowerment Coach

As soon as my SunDancer arrived, I knew I was receiving a high quality piece of sacred jewelry. Wearing this substantial weight of the stone around my neck gives me strength, confidence, and power. I loved the deeply spiritual experience of initiating my SunDancer through the meditations of The East Gate. It was just the kind of individualized ceremonial experience I needed.

– Ellie Batchiyska, Marketing Director for Parashakti