Vision Quest 2019
with Joe K and Parashakti

Vision Quest 2019 with Joe K and Parashakti

Discover the fiery lights of your most authentic self through the healing art of yoga and the freedom of dance.

The energy of aliveness surrounds us, working to heal, serve, and guide us towards inhabiting our highest, most integrated selves. Tap into that divine energy and open pathways to embodied consciousness and wholeness with a graceful, heart and soul-opening blend of yoga, dance, and shamanic exploration.

We will ride these metaphorical waves of energy while activating our flow state by integrating mindfulness, pranayama (breath), yoga asanas (postures) with an experience that is both communal and deeply individual, known as Dance of Liberation™.

Dance of Liberation™ sheds inhibitions, heightens inner awareness and awakens joy. Founded by Parashakti, and based on a series of shamanic practices known as the 7 Foundations, this powerful soul work will be blended with the masterful instruction of Joe K, whose yoga practice encourages kindness, radiance, health, and an in-depth practice of renewal.

Vision Quest 2019 with Joe and Parashakti
Aug. 30 – Sept. 1, 2019
Location: 1440 Multiversity