Find Alignment with the Energy of the Divine Feminine

The energies of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine swirl and dance inside all of us. They are the yin and yang that together make us whole. They’re often thought of as “opposing forces.” Instead, I experience these energies as truly complementary. Finding balance between them helps us come into alignment with our highest selves.

The energy of masculinity is often rewarded and exalted by the world we live in. This is what is often understood as doing energy, and the outward-flowing energy of creative structure. It can be challenging for us to recognize and come into contact with the deeply resonant power of the sacred feminine. This energy is the energy of being, of creative vision, and healing. An imbalance of these energies brings disharmony and dysfunction to us as individuals, and creates chaos, wreaking havoc on communities and on our planet.

Calling in and embracing divine feminine energy is something we can do on a daily basis, from moment-to-moment.

The following are seven practices we can use to be reminded of this sacred energy.

Don’t just do something, sit there.

The energy of divine femininity is receptive and non-linear. It does not need to push for something to happen, because it trusts that what will happen has already happened! In times of worry over the future, mindful breathing and body scans can invite awareness of the present moment and the ever-changing pulsation of life.

Dream it.

While masculine energies are all about creative structure, divine femininity harnesses the sacred essence of creativity. If you have a project or an intention, the Divine Feminine is the visionary part of you that pictures all that can and will be, before putting it in motion. This vision can be non-linear, and you can find ways of exploring your unconscious to inspire your vision. This can include dreams, meditation, movement, or breathwork. You can also focus on what it will feel like once you’ve arrived there.

Nourish your body.

We are both givers and receivers. And the divine feminine asks us to receive fully. Allow yourself to experience the mindful reception of nourishing and delicious food, eating with full attention and intention to all of the sensations – the smells, flavors and textures of food. During mindful and prayerful eating you can feed both body and soul.


I allow myself to touch the more gentle and vulnerable side of myself through dance. Allowing my body to inhabit curves, move in non-linear, non-rigid ways and literally find flow is like being choreographed by the grace and power of divine femininity.


The Divine Feminine may be a visionary leader, although she does not do it alone. This energy invites connection with others. When we reach out to share and unite our energies with others, we are dancing with the Divine Feminine.

Mother your inner child.

Most of us can relate to the experience of an inner child who didn’t always learn the best coping mechanisms for dealing with pain and suffering. When we take time to nurture and reparent this inner child, we can renegotiate negative patterns and invite wholeness.

It’s about the journey, not the destination.

We want to know how things will turn out. The sacred feminine reminds us to surrender to the journey as it is, rather than having to force an outcome. We may think of acceptance as passive. In fact, it can be a superpower. As the psychologist Carl Rogers put it, “The curious paradox is that as soon as I accept myself as I am, then I can change.”

Live the Divine Feminine on Retreat

Brandee Lynn, co-founder of Rythmia retreat center in Costa Rica, shares, “Many of us are struggling by being the doer – rather than being the be-er. We get caught up and get burnt out.” Brandee created the Majesty retreat to help women embrace the “non-linear perspective” of the Divine Feminine so that we may truly identify and step into our calling. The week-long pilgrimage is focused on recognizing the “higher and lower” versions of masculine and feminine energies, and “being able to choose our authentic selves,”rather than having our identities defined or confined by social constructs and expectations of femininity and masculinity. The retreat harnesses the wisdom of Ayahuasca plant medicine and is inspired by the Mystery Schools of the ancient world. Learn more about the Majesty retreat at

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