Parashakti (left) and Jennifer Joy Jiménez (right) displaying their unique Conscious Dance styles.

Overwhelmed by pandemics and protests, people are looking for reassurance that life can be okay again.

Typically, in the last few months, I’ve been on the other end of the Zoom call. I’ve been the guide, the teacher, and the healer. When I haven’t been offering virtual one-on-one SoulHealing sessions, I’ve been co-facilitating online retreats dedicated to Conscious Dance and the power of Eagle Medicine.

However, not too long ago, I was given an opportunity to sit and witness as a participant, in a women’s only Full Moon gathering, thanks to an invitation from my good friend and Soul Sister, Jennifer Joy Jiménez.

I stood in awe at how, even in this virtual Zoom world, she had managed to create a sanctuary for women to gather in sisterhood and just “be” — be heard, be seen, be supported, and be accepting of one another.

“My ‘why’ I are the incredible women I serve, who come to me feeling over-worked, under-rested, depleted, sluggish and often carrying deep wounds regarding their relationships with their bodies,” Jennifer says. “They can’t be the ‘change agents’ they are meant to be in this world if they are struggling with their relationship with their body and are out of sync with their inner self, and life. I love helping them remember the truth of who they really are, come home in their body temple, connect mind-body and spirit, and fully reveal their inner confidence and divine radiance.”

Upon watching Jennifer provide a safe, cathartic space for these women, I knew that a special partnership could be based around our complementary talents. Jennifer’s prowess revolves around offering a release, by letting go of negative self-concepts, and empowering women to thrive in their body temple, inner confidence and aliveness. My work revolves around reintroduction and rebirth, helping craft a new self-concept that can lead to favorable changes in one’s life.

A Likely Friendship

When I first met Jennifer Jiménez, founder of TranscenDance™, transformational life coach and international leader in personal development, I felt an immediate, other-worldly connection — the kind when your physical being first crosses paths with someone that your emotional and soulful being feels like it’s known a lifetime.

Our first encounter took place at a OneDanceTribe live retreat in Garrison, New York. At the event, Conscious Dance teachers from around the world are invited to host sessions for their various Conscious Dance modalities and weave all the workshops into one overall fabric of mindfulness.

In a discussion of our signature Totem Animals (also referred to as ‘spirit animals’ colloquially), we found even deeper synergy. My Totem Animal of the Eagle — in alignment with my decades-long practice of Eagle Medicine — and Jennifer’s Totem Animal of the Dove were perfectly in line. These soaring, graceful creatures represented our respective adoration for movement, divine feminine energy, and intuition.

Together in Garrison, just before the pandemic swept the state in early March, we danced, connected in sisterhood, and flew wing-to-wing for the first time.

Path to Prosperity

Bound at the hip in sisterly connection, Jennifer and I shared about our expeditions to the world of spiritual healing. It was in Garrison that I learned of her incredible journey from penniless professional dancer to thriving, abundant entrepreneur.

In addition to founding the Conscious Dance modality of TranscenDance™, Jennifer is also the founder of the highly successful Health & Well-Being Division at the Brave Thinking Institute.

Jennifer (center) with TranscenDance™ students at a Facilitator Training in Costa Rica in February 2020.

“I feel like my Conscious Dance work has taken her throne, like I’ve helped her achieve her greatness… and now I can focus on strategy, innovation, and creation on a larger scale,” Jennifer reflects.

Jennifer now resides in Orange County with her soulmate of 25 years and their three amazing kids. Perhaps what drew me most to Jennifer during our initial meeting is her ability to take universal spiritual principles — such as the science of well-being, and mind-body-spirit connection — and combine it all with transformational life coaching to help her clients, mostly women, create extraordinary results in their lives.

Jennifer (far right) with her husband and kids at their Orange County home.

During her workshops, she takes seemingly esoteric spiritual concepts and offers practical, tangible tools to easily shift the mental blocks and limiting beliefs that keep most people stuck for years.

In Jennifer’s Vibrant Healthy Woman coaching program, she hosts a monthly Full Moon Gathering. These events are intended to offer an escape from the business of life, while simultaneously providing a safe space geared toward sisterhood, connection, sacred ceremony, luscious conscious dance, and freedom of spirit.

The Red Tent

In the last decade, there’s been elevated interest from women surrounding the idea of gathering during the Full Moon. This idea was popularized after the release of The Red Tent by Anita Diamant, a first-person narrative loosely based on the story of Dinah from the Bible.

The Red Tent refers to the tent in which women of Jacob’s tribe must, according to the ancient law, take refuge while menstruating or giving birth. During their time in the Red Tent, these women find mutual support and encouragement from their mothers, sisters, and aunts.

So, how does the concept of the Red Tent translate to today’s world?

The Red Tent, or otherwise referred to as the Moon Lodge, is simply a gathering of women that occurs during the New Moon, when women are most in need of support, rest, and reflection. This is a timeless tradition observed by ancient cultures, which serves as a regular forum for empowering women’s sense of selfhood.

Author Vanessa Olorenshaw best summarized the purpose of the Red Tent Movement in an article for the Huffington Post: “The Red Tent movement is about creating regular feminine spaces for women to share their stories, rest and gain strength to meet the challenges of our time and their daily lives. This is work that we believe will make a difference not only to women themselves but also to all the people around them. In short, we ‘know’ that the simple act of creating safe and empowering feminine spaces is life and world changing work.”

Jennifer’s moon gathering, which I had the privilege to attend, lived up to these visions of the Red Tent. It provided a nurturing, sacred space to explore being vulnerable yet truly empowered and authentically expressed.

Jennifer (center) on her annual women’s retreat in Tulum, MX.

Still, for some women, the idea of joining in a women’s gathering might bring up emotions of often feeling uncomfortable, judged, and criticized by other women. Though popular culture would paint such feminine gatherings as unavoidably toxic and venomous, they are undoubtedly life-affirming and mutually supportive.

With Jennifer so elegantly leading the way, I witnessed women letting their guard down, dropping into their inner wisdom, sharing and shedding tears, and joyously lifting each other up in celebration. They soaked their spirits in soothing and inspiring music, receiving a sound bath from a Mayan medicine healer, and dancing under the light of the Full Moon.

A Summer Solstice Invitation

In light of this weekend’s alignment of the New Moon and Summer Solstice, Jennifer and I have decided to partner up to offer an exclusive workshop for women on June 20 at 5 pm PT. Combining our forces as luminary healers and spiritual guides for women, we will host an incredibly powerful and complimentary Summer Solstice Gathering via Zoom.

“The New Moon represents this idea of going back to your roots, and that has always drawn me,” Jennifer shares. “The idea is to help women with this rebirth, and the Summer Solstice is all about honoring the love, light, and pleasure of earthly existence. The seasonal shift prompts a revolution from within; a spark that lights the possibility of new beginnings.”

Our aim is to create a sacred gathering space for women, in which we will take them on a soul-searching Vision Quest. The ultimate goal is to offer a free 90-minute mind-body-spirit experience with a movement portion that will evoke undeniable New Moon Energy.

We will enter into a mystery school together — a Moon Lodge — designed to help us as women renew, restore, and relate.

I’ll be bringing the qualities of renewal and restoration to our Summer Solstice gathering via my East Gate teachings, highlighting how women can seek new beginnings, even in turbulent times, and how we can do so through the use of a power object, like the ceremonially blessed Winged Ones that are offered as part of my East Gate initiation.

Hand in hand, we invite any woman reading this now to take the leap and join us in ringing in the summer season. Whether your desire is to invoke your inner goddess, inspire body positivity, or shed toxic emotions, you’re invited to step into our metaphorical Moon Lodge. And yes, please feel free to invite your female friends; mothers, daughters, sisters, colleagues, or any woman in your life who could use the energy of new beginnings and rejuvenation.


Click here to sign up for the FREE Summer Solstice Gathering with Parashakti and Jennifer Jiménez on June 20 at 5pm PT. Space is limited!

One lucky participant will be selected to receive a COMPLIMENTARY power pendant — the SunDancer (pictured above) — from the Winged Ones jewelry line, along with access to the East Gate activation program (a $680 value).


Special thanks and WINGS OF GRATITUDE to Jennifer Jiménez for her time.

To learn more about Jennifer’s work with the Brave Thinking Institute, click here.

To learn more about TranscenDance™, click here.

Jennifer can be seen donning her very own Winged One in this photo (left), in the style of The Visionary with Labradorite stone.